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Balkan Biocert - certificate

"Balkan Biocert" is the first national authority for control and certification of organic production that works with well-trained and highly qualified staff offers quality and affordable services to organic farmers, processors and traders.

We are pleased to inform you that from 01.01.2009 the code number of the "Balkan Biocert" Ltd. was changed to BG-BIO-02 report by Deputy 93-10725/23.12.2008. Minister of Agriculture and Food Eng . Peichev Demetrius, in connection with fulfillment of the requirements of Art. 58 889/2008 /

"Balkan Biocert" is a limited liability company. Shareholders of the company are legal and natural persons, including NGOs, traders and individuals working in the field of organic agriculture. The company is open to new partners.

From October 2005 the company has an office in Macedonia, Macedonian serving organic farmers, processors and traders.

"Balkan Biocert" is a product of international cooperation, aiming to meet the needs of the Bulgarian organic operators. Partners on this project-FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland), IMO (Institute for Market Ecology, Switzerland) and "Bioselena" (Foundation for Organic Agriculture, Bulgaria) provide technical assistance to "Balkan Biocert" thereby ensure professionalism and national and international recognition of the new company.


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