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Bulgarian organic products - certificate

One of the leading inspection and certification of organic production of agricultural products and foodstuffs of agricultural origin by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Go and read the market - bio-
tomatoes, eco-cucumbers.
Want certificate and it appears that only green because they are not sprayed. So. I am sure that from now on have to work very hard to control markets.
- What happened to the national organic logo - seems almost not visible on the labels?
- We have a national logo and as you know I am its author. In 2000 I was advisor on agriculture and offered to begin work on legislation on the development of organic farming. I wrote two ordinances - one for and one for plant breeding. Then we created the logo. My friends offered artists many options from which bio-producers chose the ladybug. At that time there was a committee on organic farming to agrarian ministry - in recent years it never worked and has just resumed its activities.
Ladybird has it on the packaging
but only officially recognized, that certified organic products.
And here I "produced" news for readers of "mediator" - July will be required on labels of products that claim to be environmentally friendly and it proved to be Bulgarian and biologist - Ladybird and European sign for organic products - green leaf with the stars of the EU.

Albena Simeonova,
(Creator of the logo "Ladybug")


country: Bulgaria

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