ECORE traces its history back to the mid-nineteenth century, a time when individuals transformed big ideas and big dreams into extraordinary results. We started small, but worked hard – and smart – to build, grow, and expand a thriving manufacturing company that provided cork to a flourishing nation. Even in the early days, we stressed performance – of our products, our processes, and our people – to make sure we exceeded our customers’ expectations every time. And we always acted with boldness and daring, not to keep up with the competition, but instead to lead the way and establish ourselves as the industry benchmark.

Today, ECORE remains true to its heritage. We continue to embrace exceptional people and exceptional ideas and hold these as our most important assets. Resourceful thinking led us to see the untapped value of the millions of tons of rubber thrown into landfills each year. We had a vision to give that material a second life, to transform it into something useful, practical and, yes, even, beautiful. With equal measures of hard work and ingenuity, we have moved from a promising concept to a full line of the smartest, highest-performing and most eco-logically responsible recycled rubber products made in the United States.

Although we take pride in being the originator of the commercial rubber flooring category, we never take it for granted or feel satisfied. ECORE engineers are tirelessly curious and refreshingly imaginative. They think and re-think everything – from cradle to cradle – to make sure both process and product work as efficiently as possible and deliver the highest performance.

Our passion for performance is ingrained into each of the ECORE brands. All of our products, from commercial flooring to sports surfacing to sound insulation, are engineered with precision at every step to be the smartest, most elegant solutions on the market. It’s why architects, specifiers, and designers turn to ECORE brands again and again when they want to create long-lasting and eye-catching spaces. And it’s why consumers who use those spaces perform better and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Going forward ECORE will continue to blaze trails and set new standards in recycled rubber technologies. Products like ECO98, which is made with a backing of up to 97 percent post-consumer recycled rubber from car and truck tires and a surface layer made of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, are already setting new standards. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a company that challenges the status quo, questions what’s always been done and, most importantly, responds with intelligent solutions that improve people’s lives every day.