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Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd, a famous high and new tech enterprise flourishing in wind power industry, is specialized in researching, manufacturing and providing medium and small sized wind turbines.

Our manufacturing base, which covers an area of 23,000m2, is located in the economic development zone of Lujiang county, Hefei, Anhui province, next to Shanghai, China. With a registered capital of 11,000,000 RMB, there are about 200 workers among whom 40 researchers and technicians, more than 70 sets of production equipment and 30 sets of detecting system. It gains the maximum monthly production capacity of 3,000 sets and the annual production capacity of 20,000 sets. 

Hummer provides both off-gird and on-grid wind turbine systems varying from 400W to 100KW. With the SCF supercritical generator technology as core, Hummer wind turbines are lighter and smaller than the traditional ones, in the meanwhile, they work with more efficiency and stability. The entire system has gained European CE certificate, the generator part has gained American UL certificate and the PLC unit has been granted with North American ETL certificate. 

In the past six years, our products have been exported to 93 countries and areas worldwide, such as the USA, Australia, Germany, the UK, France, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, India, Israel and Japan, etc. Benefiting from our professional R&D team, complete production line, improved marketing strategies and serious after-sale services, Hummer has gradually became one of the most widely applied brands of the medium and small sized wind turbines in the world.
Hummer culture

Hummingbird is known as the smallest and lightest bird in the world. It can hover in air through beating its wings rapidly, at 15 times to 80 times per second. It is also the only bird which can fly backwards. We choose this wonderful creature to name our wind turbine's brand due to the similarity between our products and the bird itself.
Hummer’s product concept:
Hummer's product is well-known for the features of being lighter, smaller, faster and more stable. Hummer is granted with several original patents for its advanced technologies in wind turbine's manufacturing, let alone its high quality and aesthetic design.
Hummer’s corporate culture:
Innovative; Creative; Passionate; Honest; Customer comes always first; .

Hummer superiority

 . Professional supplier
Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd., has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of the medium and small sized wind turbines in China for over a decade, which provides a complete product selection from 400W to 100kW and has its own professional R&D team. The factory and the marketing center together cover the complete industrial chain from manufacturing to supplying and after-sale service. 
. Patented technologies
Hummer adopts the SCF supercritical generator technology which won the gold award in the 37th Salon Eureka in Brussels thanks to its 7 core patented technologies. Hummer wind turbine is lighter and smaller. It swifts up faster and is more efficient comparing with the traditional ones. 
. R&D team 
Hummer's R&D team is composed of experts supported by special government allowances. They have made remarkable progresses in the domains such as the application of the amorphous soft magnetic material and the permanent magnetic material in wind turbines. Their researches in the generator's magnetic circuit and structures have been granted with several patents. 
. Worldwide application 
Hummer's products have been exported worldwide during the past six years, and have been installed in 93 countries and areas. They are mainly applied in all sorts of off-grid wind power systems such as the wind-solar hybrid street light system, the domestic wind power system, the highway monitoring system, the weather monitoring sites, the radio and transmission base stations, etc., and as well as the grid-tied system too.


country: China
city: Hefei


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  • off-gird and on-grid wind turbine systems