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Bio Hotel Moravian village is nestled in the foothills of the Rila and Pirin mountains beautiful valley called Predel divided. About us freely grazing cows and horses, hike beautiful wild animals running freely rucheycheta and singing birds.

We are a family hotel with a penchant for near nature lifestyle. Offer each guest a warm caring, delicious homemade organic foods and beverages that grow with love and inspiration. Like a bunch of entertainment, sports, walking or quiet evenings by the fireplace.
What we believe makes us truly unique is the combination of all necessary elements for a perfect holiday.

We are at the heart of nature, but are close to Bansko, Razlog and Blagoevgrad, which are rich in night entertainment. We grow and offer a wide selection of clean, useful, homemade organic food for you and the whole family. Here is a quiet, beautiful and unique relaxed to take a breath freshness after city life. We, however, little pampering, without which even the holiday is difficult, such as satellite and wireless internet.

During the season gladly do a free transfer to keen on winter sports to three runs close to us - one from which the ski capital of the Balkans - Bansko.

In the summer we have the freedom to walk safely in the small tourist area or their parents grew up in the high peaks around us. Mineral baths and swimming facilities are at your fingertips!
Laundry and cleaning products we use are very cleansing action while they are environmentally friendly. Time to take measures to protect nature and our children. Time to make the planet clean of their life. If we are environmentally and socially responsible to ourselves and future generations will not only save the environment, but also something more ... will save lives.

* Contains 100% vegetable active ingredients.
* Tenzioaktivni contain ingredients that are organically grown apart and have minimal impact on aquatic ecosystems.
* Specially designed containers are 100% of recyclable and safe for consumers, which contributes to reducing waste.

Product packaging can be recycled together, the recycling process requires minimal energy consumption. We also use solar collectors for hot water, and energy-saving bulbs and special showers for the water to spare.

Also heating of the pellets. They are produced from plant biomass - wood and agricultural crops (straw, corn, sunflower, etc..), Which for this purpose prior to grinding, sieving and drying. Use technology to pressing without adhesives and others. supplements. As raw material for production is recovered waste wood technology, furniture, timber and agriculture.



country: Bulgaria
municipality: Razlog



Representative for Bulgaria: "Amitica Ltd"
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1. Providing services such as:

- nights
- Organic fruit and vegetables
- The mountain hikes
- Bio-farm activities
- Leisure and sport
(the mountain biking, horseback riding, soccer, rafting, off road, skiing and snowboarding, fishing)