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"Prometeo" factory was established in 1991, which thanks to the work and dedication of farmers in middle Italy, is famous in the world with quality organic produce.
Main advocated culture, which produce delicious and nutritious pastes Prometeo, is an ancestor of wheat, called EMER. This is a culture that unless it is extremely nutritious, prevents fertilization genetic modifications, and has extremely valuable assets that are kept in maximum quantities produktitePrometeo that we offer.


Factory "Prometeo" is located in Urbino, Central-Eastern Italy. The region is particularly chosen with traditions in the way of cultivation and processing of crops.
All processes are carefully monitored and strictly controlled. Priority will be given for crops grown in the higher mountain areas. Mainly produces EMER (90%) and very small amount of spelled and spelled.


Emery is one of the oldest grains known to mankind and has over 10,000 years of history. Called "wheat of the Pharaohs." His ancestor was ednozarnestiya spelled that through evolution became dvuzarnest species called EMER. This variety cereal has retained its identity over the centuries and as already mentioned, is not amenable to artificial fertilization and genetic modifications. It is therefore very useful for people who suffer from problems caused by modern types of cereals. Products made by Emery are very nutritious and have medicinal properties. Unlike other types of grains, Emery has twice fat, vitamins A and group B, phosphorus and protein. It is preferred for cultivation by farmers because it is very difficult to process after breeding, although it is very tolerant and resistant to any destructive weather. Delicious and nutritious products EMER protect us from colon cancer and colitis.
After several hybridisations between wild grasses and EMER occurs familiar spelled, which is increasingly found in Bulgaria, and although these ancestors of wheat yield provide little, more people began to produce them, because increased demand from people , realized the need to eat healthy. Health directly from nature in its purest form!



country: Italy
city: Urbino



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