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Beglika Fest



Dog - genius helps garbage collection

A unique show, visuals and vocals blew FOKATELEP beglishkata audience after saturated festival day. The group, based in Budapest, combined psaykadelik an unusual sound with authentic Bulgarian, Hungarian and Gypsy folklore. Singer of the group, whose leader is the Bulgarian Emil Bilyarski - Ann Marie Olah impress over 2,000 guests at the festival across the country, Europe and Asia, with amazing stage presence, appearance and especially with her unique voice and performance.


For the first time in public, Fokatelep performed their song "REAL". This nod to the Bulgarian audience, which was the first to see it online before the festival, fascinate fans world - the sound and the shores of Big Lake Beglik burst into dance.

Beglishkata audience showed remarkable high level of activity to a busy day enjoyable activities - over 40 Workshops and workshops only met on Saturday meadows of Batlaboaz in Rhodopes. While they were held, participants could see how the background floating water taxis that transported guests of the festival.

During all organized and semi-organzirani sponatnni activities meadows were sounded by the scene, the tree was uploaded Chill Station and their DJs into ambient, reggae and house. Simultaneously, the festival guests were able to watch a circus predstavlenie Beglika Circus Crew, whose cherry was certainly great aerial acrobatics and juggling skills a little earlier does The interest of smaller dance show cause "for bees and people" - dedicated to problems that today's civilization, causing the operation of bees worldwide. Of the most popular and loved by children and parents places the festival was even forest nursery in which fairies Sabbath inspired more than 40 children;

For all did was kung fu, Qi Gong lessons, African dance, songs, laughter yoga, sttoitelstvo with adobe and straw for reading unconventional farming workshop smiles, massages, Land-art workshop and yoga.
For active and sporty even magical meadows offering horseback riding, ropes course and esktremno "rope pendulum," and the opportunity to see the dam in new eyes swim with the boat.

For food fest care more than 10 small restaurants festival with a variety of food from local producers. Sheep cheese from a small family dairy farm in Momchilovtsi was hit with a true taste adventure seeking guests.

After an impressive opening of the festival with the orchestra 101 Kaba - bagpipes and zvezdnte performances of Etnomaliya Poles and British Penny metal and intense day program on Saturday muzikalanta program will be exposed on Sunday when the scene will come and belgradchanite of BICIKL.

Meanwhile, one of the most pleasant surprises of the festival were associated with garbage - well izvestnyat Labrador Elmo from TV series "Married with Children" (rip) he demonstrated that it is a Question of dressage and show your akoronniya number - collection and. . laying them in the trash / garbage bags. But he needs more dressage dobrovltsite found the festival in Spain and Greece, which are responsible for the separate collection of rubbish. Sunday will become known as the face of expectations Boklukozavar which shall be born of festival waste.

On Sunday, the program continues with a vengeance - On Sunday morning, fans of "race otprishtenost" - "Crazy pepruda" You can test yourself the opportunity to develop wings to propel a boat and move into the sleeve of the dam to the festival area waving them. As always, the traditional event organized by Paragliders from "Alloy independent".

In addition to ongoing workshops and workshops on the last day of the festival will be collected and suggestions for its public improvement and development of the festival of the "Tree of ideas" which the Association "Ideas Factory" planted a magical festival area - they will be collected and discussed with the staunchest fans of the festival, one day after the official end of 2012.