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Bayer "Organic Pest free Neem"

Sprays against sucking and biting pests:

  •     Ornamental plants (aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, mealybugs, spider mites, whiteflies, leaf miners, and by casting against fungus gnats),
  •     Woody ornamentals (caterpillars of the winter moth and small Gespinnstmotten), Hardwood (gypsy moth *, green oak leaf *, processionary *),
softwood (* gypsy      moth, pine nut *), Horse Chestnut (chestnut leaf miner *)
  •     Potatoes (the Colorado potato beetle larvae),
  •     Tomatoes (sucking and biting insects, spider mites), leaf and stem vegetables (sucking and biting insects *), asparagus (biting insects *)

  •     Apple (floury apple aphid, based on their own experience Apfelschalenwickler, sawflies)
  •     Pome and stone fruit (leafminer *, Cherry moth *)
  •     Sour cherries (Black Sauerkirschblattlaus *)
  •     Pomes, stone fruit and soft fruit (winter moth caterpillars of the Small)
  •     Black Elderberry (Holunderblattlaus)
  •     Vine nurseries (phylloxera *)
  •     Legumes (sucking and biting insects *)
  •     Plums (aphids *)

* Use only in commercial horticulture allowed

NOTE: Organic Pest free Neem them available directly from Bayer or in many garden centers and retail parks.
Pesticide use carefully. Before use, always read the label and product information.

Mode of action:
  • with the natural ingredient of the neem tree from natural, renewable raw materials broad spectrum of ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables,Ate and Saugstopp after a short time long-lasting effect of up to 3 weeks (depending on the insect species and stages). Development cycle of the insect pests is disrupted: no viable offspring teilsystemische effect: Sucking insects species and Minierlarven be reliably detected, even if they are not directly sprayed protects beneficial, not harmful to bees successful use in organic farming.

    Dosing with enclosed measuring cup. Plants, including the undersides of the leaves lightly spray (not dripping wet).

    Dosage Syringes: 3 ml / 1 liter of water.
Active ingredient: 10 g / l azadirachtin A and corresponds to 40 g / l of natural neem seed extract "NeemAzal"

Waiting time: (no)

Containers: 30 ml / 60 ml

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