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People are often suprised to learn that we source our cork from China. This species of Oak grows in Northern China. It is a smaller diameter tree than cork that is grown in Portugal. Therefore, the bark is not as thick. We conglamorate the bark, and in fact, these bowls are hand turned like any other wood bowl. Yes, you can prepare and serve salads from these bowls. We do often in our family. When we introduced these bowls to our customers we demonstrated their water resistant nature by floating a rubber duckie in water in our bowls. And letting it sit like that for days.
The perfect bowl for displaying salads of all kinds. Low sides make it easy to fill the bowl and heap the food high for all to see. Cork is slip-resistant, so it’s easy to hang onto. Durable high density surface is resistant-to-wear, so these handsome, hand-turned bowls should last a long time. Cork is a renewable natural resource and harvesting it doesn’t harm the tree!

  • Lightweight and impermeable to liquids
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water
  • We recommend Bamboo Goo to keep cork beautiful for years.
  • price: $30.00 / 12" dia x 2 1/2" H

Additional Information

  • manufactured:   / China /
  • trademark:  "Bambu"  / USA /


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