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Finally, sustainable design without compromise. Introducing the Fisker Karma, the first true electric luxury vehicle with extended range. The Karma delivers high impact performance with low impact on the environment and the freedom to plug in or fill up. Choose all electric stealth mode or fuel assisted sport mode with a simple shift of the paddle. Fisker Karma, a bold expression of uncompromised responsible luxury.

Command Center

Fisker designers created a simple elegant and intuitive touch screen interface that controls the premium audio, navigation, iPod™, Bluetooth™ and the climate control. The design of the Command Center reflects Fisker's signature design detail; a chrome bezel surrounds the flat screen glass surface, echoing the jewel-like quality of the instrument gauge cluster.

Reclaimed Wood

The Karma's elegant interior wood trim is unique and 100% sustainable, sourced from Fallen, Sunken and Rescued Wood™. No live growth is ever used. Fallen Wood™ is 100% sourced from naturally fallen trees in the western United States. Sunken Wood™ has a white oak with a beautiful patina created naturally from having rested at the bottom of Lake Michigan for over 300 years. Rescued Wood™ is sourced from rescued, non-damaged trees from wildfires in California.

Interior Materials

The components that form the Karma's interior are as unique as they are essential to continuing Fisker's sustainable and accountable design philosophy. Every Karma reflects Fisker's dedication to the use of reclaimed, recycled and reusable materials. Wood trim is sourced from reclaimed lumber. All seating foam is fashioned from soy-based bio fiber and recycled post-consumer materials create the carpet backing. The Karma EcoStandard features an animal free interior environment designed to emulate a pure leather grain and is tinted a rich shade of black (Black Onyx Monotone). The Karma EcoSport features leather produced in the world's first closed-loop leather manufacturing plant. These hides are sourced from farms that abide by the five freedoms of human animal treatment. In addition, Fisker uses about 85% of the hides, more than double the amount used by traditional automakers. Karma EcoChic, the most advanced sustainable trim package available, features 100% post-industry virgin textile Premium EcoSuede materials, surrounding driver and passengers in a lush and sustainable driving environment.

Solar Roof

Harness The Sun For Extended Range. The largest solar glass roof ever designed for a production vehicle can extend driving range an additional 200 miles/322 km annually. The custom design is a wonder of art and engineering and visually conveys the Karma's advanced technology and environmental purpose.

Advanced Technology Power
The Karma’s proprietary Q-Drive® powertrain satisfies the demands of today’s more conscientious, but no less passionate drivers.
With Q-Drive®, the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid has a total range of 300 miles (483km), a 0-60mph (100km/h) time of 5.9 seconds, a top speed of 125mph (201km/h), can achieve an annual average of more than 100mpg (2.4L/100km) and has lower emissions -- 83g CO2/km based on SAE formulae – than today’s cleanest cars.
Fully charged in as little as six hours from any 110-, 220- or 240-volt outlet the Fisker Karma has an all-electric range of 50 miles (80km), which is more than most people drive each day. Recharged each night the Karma may never use gas. Beyond 50 miles an efficient gasoline engine eliminates Range Anxiety by automatically turning an on-board generator for an additional 250 miles (403km) before refueling and/or recharging.
Q-Drive® consists of a 20 kW/h lithium ion battery with Nanophosphate™ technology; an efficient 260hp Ecotec 2.0 Liter turbocharged Direct Injection gasoline engine turning a 175kW generator; electronic power management systems; and two electric traction motors mounted to a differential between the rear wheels that deliver a combined 403 hp (300kW) and a peak torque rating of 981 lb-ft (1330Nm) at zero rpm.
The battery, developed by A123 Systems of Watertown, Massachusetts, leverages state-of-the-art nanotechnology to maximize energy, power, reliability and safety.
Expected to have a 10-12 year lifespan it can deliver 180 kW (peak) of electric power throughout the charge-depleting range of operation.
The battery’s safe location along the vehicle’s longitudinal centerline keeps it clear of impact areas and lowers the Karma’s center of gravity for improved handling. Sealed construction protects it from the elements.
The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid also offers drivers the new and unique option of driving in zero-emission, all-electric Stealth Mode or full-power Sport Mode for maximum flexibility.
Defaulting to Stealth Mode on start-up for maximum efficiency, the Karma has a top speed of 95mph (153 km/h) and a 0-60mph (100km/h) time of 7.9 seconds. No gasoline is burned and tailpipe emissions are non-existent.
Sport Mode can be selected on demand via a steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifter that engages the gasoline engine-driven generator for peak power and torque. Top speed increases to 125mph (200km/h) and 0-60mph time quickens to 5.9 seconds.
By engaging Sport Mode, drivers can not only get maximum performance but also conserve full battery power until it is required. This is especially useful when destined for low-emission zones which are growing in number in cities around the world.


- The Karma uses a state-of-the-art Nanophosphate Lithium-ion Battery pack for an added degree of safety, performance and environmental care when compared to other metal oxide battery designs. This advanced technology enables an ultra-wide State of Charge (SoC) operating window and provides a lifecycle of 10 years or 100,000 miles (160,000km) under normal use.

Diamond Dust Paint
Diamond Dust™ paint is the first water-based paint featuring a recycled glass flake mixture utilizing 35-55% recycled glass, and an invisible reflective infrared layer that assists in keeping the interior cooler in hot weather. Because Diamond Dust™ paint is water-based, it releases no volatile organic compounds into the environment

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