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It covers by Polycarbonate has light framework structure, dust-proof and fog-proof, heat-resisting, high transmission and long service life.

Framework Structure: Hot galvanized steel which equipped with good anticorrosion and antirust effect. Cover Material: The roofs are covered by 8-10mm thick UV-proof and fog-proof Polycarbonate sheet which is short for PC sheet. Walls are covered by PC sheet or insulating glass. Sometimes, thermal protection composite panel is also used as the wall faced north in cold region,
Complementary Equipment:
Shading system(inside, outside)
Heating system (inside)
Cooling system(Cooling pad, Cooling fan) Ventilation system(roof window, side window)
and other systems are depended on the planting requirement. Service life: the framework structure: 20 years min;
Technical parameter: Wind load:0.6KN/M2; Snow load:0.5KN/M2 Dead load:15KG/MS
Maximum drainage:140MM/H
We also could design as your regional.

You can plant flowers, vegetable and fruits in the Greenhouse. It also could be use as scientific research greenhouse, Eco-sightseeing greenhouse and restaurant, etc.

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