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Greenhouse-Zigzag roof Film

Zigzag roof means that a part roofs above water channels are perpendicular to floor. There are windows on the perpendicular roofs. It is the best natural ventilation system and specially fit for wet-hot area. It is also a economic greenhouse.

Framework Structure: Hot galvanized steel which equipped with good anticorrosion and antirust effect. Cover Material: It is covered by PE drop-proof, VU-proof and long service life film.
Complementary Equipment:
Shading system(inside, outside)
Heating system (inside)
Cooling system(Cooling pad, Cooling fan) Ventilation system(roof window, side window)
and other systems are depended on the planting requirement.
Service life: the framework structure: 15 years min; the film:3 to 5years. Technical parameter:
Wind load:0.5KN/M2; Snow load:0.35KN/M2 Dead load:10KG/MS
Maximum drainage:140MM/H
We also could design as your regional character.
Specification: unit: m


You can plant flowers, vegetable and fruits in the Greenhouse. It also could be use as feeding greenhouse, scientific research greenhouse, etc.

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