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Solar panels are still not efficient enough to produce enough power to keep the laptop running indefinitely, but Samsung believes that they are good enough at least to be charged on a netbook.

Samsung NC215S netbook will be the first to test this theory and implementation of large solar panels in the lid of the 10.1-inch device. Samsung said that every two hours in the sun NC215S leave (off), you will receive one hour of battery life. When you consider a standard battery and charger, and it is nice to have a Freebie.

The specification of the netbook is very typical. Along with 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600, 1GB RAM and 1.66GHz N570 dual core Atom. Open the lid and find the Chiclet keyboard and touchpad decent size, given the overall size of the device.

The most impressive feature of this netbook to be the battery life that Samsung claims is 14 hours. What we do not know whether that includes sitting in the sun and drip application of solar energy while surfing the Internet or write some emails. All Samsung say that 14 hours is based on use in "ideal conditions".

Samsung intends to bring NC215S the U.S., Russia and Africa for $ 399. This is quite the premium when you consider nearly equivalent to Samsung NF310 offers a higher resolution screen and 9 hours of battery life for $ 359.

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  • manufacturer:   "Samsung" / South Korea /        price: $399.99

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