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NeemProtect ® is a natural biocide with neem extract. This natural extract from the neem seeds with the drug NeemAzal ® has been used for years in organic agriculture.

The treatment solution, a mixture of water with NeemPro tect ® is generously applied to the leaves of the trees to be treated / sprayed. This is part of the M-Trifolio recommended a 0.5% treatment solution in order to obtain optimal results. For a tree of medium size, a 20 L solution treatment is required, resulting in a drug consumption of about 100ml NeemPro tect ®.
After drying, the treatment solution, the application is completely usable again. Other closures and delays are not necessary.

Mode of action:

By eating the treated leaves take the caterpillars NeemPro ® on tect. When the caterpillar turns into a very short time an Frass and developmental arrest. No further oviposition be developed. Since NeemPro tect ® is not a contact poison, the caterpillars die until 2-7 days after treatment. The hazardous stinging hairs can form no more from the treatment. For humans, pets and the most beneficial is (bees) of the drug due to its safe operation.

Active ingredient: margosa

Waiting time: (no)

containers: 1 L / 2.5 L / 5 L / 25 L / 200 L

durability: 2 years after date of manufacture.

Keep cool and dry, at about 15 ° C - 20 ° C! When stored below 10 ° C may lead to precipitation, which disappear after heating to about 20 ° C to 30 ° C without loss of effectiveness again. Before using NeemAzal ®-T / S, where appropriate, remove existing crystalline necessarily by heating.

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