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There are several important reasons that may lead us to think seriously about how it is useful to collect their waste separately - to be kinder to our natural resources, to make it cleaner, more neat and tidy place where we live to trying to secure a better future for our children.

The list could be much longer, but these three reasons are enough to make any reasonable person to rethink their habits are starting to do something that will make you feel truly useful. Just to get an idea about things they throw away every day in nature with a light hand to realize the consequences that inevitably catch up with us - if not us, our children ...

ECOPACK is a system for separate collection of packaging in 96 municipalities across the country: blue - for paper and cardboard packaging, yellow - for plastic and metal and green - for glass bottles and jars. Places where containers are placed threes are determined jointly with local authorities in each of the partner municipalities. Waste hauling is done by companies contracted to lift containers on a specific weekly schedule. In one course the truck is lifted only one color containers, ensuring that there is no mixing of separately collected materials. Waste of colored containers are transported, also separately, to a sorting facility where separated by type so that it can be recycled by a process. Then bale and prepare for transportation to recycling plants.

Since, in addition to packaging waste disposed people in colorful containers and mixed household waste produced, recyclable material at the moment is around 50%. The purity of raw materials is a prerequisite for maximum utilization of raw materials and improving with each passing year. This means that people gradually get used to the separate collection systems and are increasingly using color-purpose containers - namely for separate disposal of unwanted packaging waste

Schedule for collection of containers:

Monday and Thursday - YELLOW - plastic and metal

Wednesday and Sunday - BLUE - paper

1 time a month - GREEN - glass


The benefits of separate collection.

Here is how to decompose naturally discarded rubbish:

Paper - 2.5 months

Carton of milk - 5 years

Plastic bag - 10-20 years

Canned - 100 years

Plastic - 300 to 500 years

Beer Box - 200-500 years

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