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Rock mineral wool - KR DP-9 LAM

Insulation with rock wool ensures savings on energy costs so that investment for the purchase and installation of insulation is restored just a few years, making it extremely profitable investment!

Applying the latest technologies in the industry, KnaufInsulationproizvezhda wide range of premium products from stone wool for various applications: flat roof insulation, insulation of roof pitch, exterior, interior and partition walls, floor insulation, etc..

Stone mineral wool KnaufInsulatione waterproof, vapor-permeable, resistant to chemicals and microorganisms, durable, which restricts the development of bacteria and dust, and it can be recycled.

Primary products, producing stone wool are rocks of volcanic origin (diabase, dolomite and to a lesser extent, basalt) and called. briquettes (which are obtained by technological processing of residual materials from the manufacturing process plus cement).

Rigid insulation fins mineral rock wool.
Thermal conductivity λ = 0,042 W / MK.
Refractory material, fire resistance class A1

Thermal, acoustic and fire protection:

  · External walls in contact facade system

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The product can be purchased at the following stores:

  •       Business Park Sofia, 12A / Bulgaria /
Tel: +359 2 489 90 54
Fax: +359 2 489 90 52

  • Gornji Zemun Economic Zone, Zone 4 - 11080 Belgrad
    Beograd: + 381 (0) 11 3310 800
    Surdulica: + 381 (0) 17 401 910, 401 911
The industrial village of Belo Polje bb - 17530 Surdulic
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