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Waste Reduction

Upper pattern tweaked to maximize pattern efficiency and keep waste from ever hitting the floor.

Solvent Use

Used high strength webbing instead of solvents and cements to attach the sole to the upper.


-Outsole and Midsole made with Nike Grind Rubber, which is made from recycled shoes.
-Laces have recycled content.
-Mesh with recycled nylon content used whenever possible.


Because the Index is only one step towards a sustainable future, the Considered Team is continually developing new ways to be better. Identifying areas where new solutions are needed in order to reach a "closed loop" future,where product creation doesn`t draw from limited natural resources.

But that’s just the start. Nike engineers are constantly researching and testing innovative ways to incorporate Nike Grind into more products – and to find other environmentally preferred design solutions. Eventually, we want the shoes you wear today to be reborn into new shoes, apparel or gear. It's a process we call closed-loop manufacturing, but you can call it turning Nike into Nike. Because when it comes to sustainable innovation, there is no finish line. Learn more about Nike innovation.

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