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Microbial products that increase yield:

TRIFENDER preparation contains dried conidia of Trichoderma asperellum antagonistic fungus. Wettable granule preparation is formulated with perlite and glucose carrier. The wettable powder product is formulated without glucose only with perlite. Product shelf life is minimum of one year. Dose of the product is 2-5 kg/hectare with WG formulation and 0.4-1.0 kg/hectare with WP preparation.

It is worth using in various plant cultures for promotion of viability and growing rate of plants with beneficial side effect to control impact of soil borne pathogens like Pythium, Phytophthora, Fusarium, Sclerotinia and Rhizoctonia species causing for instance damping off and replant diseases.

Preparation might be sprayed to the soil surface before seeding and incorporating 5-10 cm deep or showed seeds and roots of the planted plants that should be sprinkled with watery suspension of the preparation. Preparation is worth spraying or pouring into the soil close to the root system even later during the growing period.

Soil born pathogens may cause more serious problems in plant growing than people would expect. TRIFENDER is able to provide an environmentally friendly, biological control of soil born pathogens.

Antagonistic fungi belonging to the Trichoderma family are the most frequent active ingredients of biological preparations all over the world due to their multifunctional activity in the soil. Theoretical mode of action of Trichoderma active ingredients are the next:

•    Antibiotics production against plant pathogen organisms.
•    Mycoparasitic ability to attack other fungi (plant pathogens) mycelia. Trichoderma hyphae growing surround of other fungi mycelia, penetrate and feed from them.

•    Elicitor effect of Trichoderma treatments is known that may cause induced systemic resistance of the host.
•    Saprophytic competition means colonization of the niche before other (plant pathogen) fungi.
•    Secondary metabolites production for plant regulation by plant hormones and hormones like chemicals.
•    Trichoderma species are able to alter nutrients for the plants (Mn4+® Mn2+, Cu2+® Cu1+, Fe3+® Fe2+).     
•    Trichoderma species are able to decompose phytotoxins produced by plant pathogen fungi.


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