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Trifolio S-forte

Additivefor the application of pesticides in fruit, ornamental plants, vegetables and crops to support the drug uptake and to improve the distribution of the spray coating.

• Supports the transport of substances in the leaf (penetrator)
• Improve the spreading (wetting)
• Avoid spray stains with highly dirt preparations
• Avoid bright spells on ornamentals
• Improves safety and efficiency of inhibitors (CCC720)
• Good compatibility with plants
• Can be mixed with many common pesticides
• No waiting time
• Not toxic to bees or nützlingsgefährlich
• 100% of ingredients based on renewable raw
• BVL Listing Number: 5582-00
• Suitable for organic farming

Mode of action:

Trifolio S-forte has more active ingredients in the liquid phase on the leaf surface, the active substances of plant protection products to better penetrate the leaf and the
Effectiveness of pesticides are noticeably improved. Simultaneously by
lowering the surface tension of the spray droplets of uniform one
Wetting of the leaf surface is achieved, which leads to an increased effective security.

Waiting time: (no)

containers: 5 L

storage: dry and cool place


TrifolioS-forte may be mixed with various means:
- A variety of chemical pesticides including inhibitors
- Azadirachtin, sulfur, copper, Bt and virus preparations
- Defense of plants including minerals
- nematodes

Plant tolerance:

Trifolio S-forte is characterized by good compatibility with plants. variety Conditional
Reactions in ornamental plants can not be ruled out.

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