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MGV Heat Pipe Tube Solar Collector-φ100mm

The 100mm metal glass vacuum heat pipe tube is fully evacuated...

Expansion Tank

An expansion tank is a small tank used in closed water heating systems,...

Pump Station

Suitablefor pressurized water heating system,.....

Storage Water Tank

It is produced by high-quality austenitic,....

Pressurized Integrated System

The heat is transferred to the heat pipe by the aluminum fins, making the heat-transport liquid inside evaporated very fast.

Non-presurrized Solar Water Heater

The evacuated tube is made up of 2 layers of glass.

Flat Plate Solar Collector

The heat-transport fluid pipes are welded on the backside of the flat plate, ......

Heat Pipe

Heat pipe is one of the core technologies of Hitek,which is produced by self-developed automatic filling machines,...

DGV Heat Pipe Tube-φ58mm

No water flows inside the tube, which makes the system remains workable if one tube breaks.

MGV Direct Flow Tube-φ70mm

Cold water follows through the inner tube from upside down and flows out to the collector from the bottom through ...

MGV Heat Pipe Tube-φ70mm

No water flows inside the tube, anti-scaling, preventing tube from frozen to crack in extreme cold environment (-50℃)

DGV Heat Pipe Solar Collector-φ58mm

The evacuated tube is made up of 2 layers of glass.

MGV Direct Flow Tube Solar Collector-φ70mm

DF70 Metal-Glass Direct Flow Tube has higher efficiency than ordinary heat pipe tube.

MGV Heat Pipe Tube Solar Collector-φ70mm

The 70mm metal glass vacuum direct flow tube is fully evacuated.