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Balers - Extractpack

Vertical: The first baler of its kind to combine baling and draining out of date beverage containers in one step.

Balers - VB56 Vertical Balers

The VB56 and VB56 mini baling system can reduce waste volumes by up to 90%

Balers-S60XDRC Automatic

The S60XDRC Automatic Baling System from Pakawaste offers a unique combination of power and flexibility.......

Balers - VB200D Twin Chamber

Vertical: 150 - 250 kg bales; Saves handling time with multiple chambers: free to load while other chamber compacts

Balers - VB60D Twin Chamber

Vertical: 50 - 100 kg bales

Balers - MX600 Three Phase

This large high density baling press with 30 tonnes of pressure reduces waste by up to 90%..

Balers - VB200

Vertical: 200 - 300 kg bales, bale produces euro pallet size.

Balers - VB100

Vertical: 100 - 200 kg bales, A mid-range tethering with easy loading for large-sized boxes.


Vertical: 50 - 100 kg bales suitable for positioning where space is limited.

Balers - VB40

Vertical: - 20 - 50 kg bales, ideal for places where space is limited and height.