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Hemp seeds

Shelled hemp seeds* (* Organic ingredient)

Cacao powder

Raw cocoa *, strawberries *, * maca. (* organic ingredient)

Acai powder

Acai is a real vitamin bomb, full of antioxidants and lots of fiber.

Lucuma powder

Lucuma is a super food also called inca gold and use instead go sugar...


Wheatgrass in water or juice, or mix in a smoothie with fruit and berries.

Camu Camu powder

Camu Camu gives an energy, a fruit packed with vitamin C.

Mesquite trees powder

Mesquite comes from the vine-ripened seedpods which is ground down to powder.


Spirulina is a natural ALGAE and contains 65 - 71% protein

Maca powder

Raw Maca contains 55 different nutrients including rich B-, C-, and E-vitamins, iron and kalicum.


Buckwheat crunch contains the superberries, nutritious quinoa and have a sweet taste of cinnamon.


Buckwheat crunch and eat it with milk of almonds, pieces of apples and roasted coconut.


Buckwheat Crunch Chocolate Mania contains both Raw Cacao and Nibs.

Crackers Rawfood

Rawfood crackers for breakfast with a yummy avocado mix, tomato and herb salt.

Raw Chocolate

Handmade & delicious Raw Chocolate in handmade small boxes...

Raw Coconut Oil (soya)

Raw coconut oil is cold pressed, it is neither cured or bleached...

Raw Agave Syrup

Agave nectar is sweeter than honey and tends to be thinner and flow more freely than honey.

Raw Cacao Powder

Cocoa powder from raw beans that have never been heated. Without any additives.

Raw Cacao Butter

Cacao butter that has not been heated to preserve all the essential nutrients...

Raw Cacao Nibs

Pieces of the raw cacao bean - never heated and without any additives!


Organic Raw Cacao Beans contain incredible amounts of chemically identifiable substances....


Organic raw sea lettuce is a deep green sea vegetable with a distinctive flavor and aroma.


Organic raw sea vegetable--with a soft chewy texture, distinctive taste and a rich red color.

Nuts Cashews

Savoury Nuts; Organic Raw Indian Cashews

Nuts Almonds

Savoury Nuts; Organic Raw Teriyaki Almonds