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SRM - rotors

Radius: 15' to 30'The Hunter’s shortest-range rotor, and was designed to offer a convenient and efficient alternative to spray heads.

PGJ - rotor

Radius: (15' to 37').... The PGJ was built to bring all the efficient benefits of rotary sprinklers to applications that typically call for a spray.

Exterior landscaping

The team of "Progressive Design Plus" carries out numerous activities in the field of landscaping.


If you are looking for quick effect, the best grass is turf.

Design - (for landscaping)

Stage design consists of several steps and is essential for excellent result.

Interior landscaping

Interior landscaping has its own charm and comfort.

Exterior landscaping

Private and public spaces, sports areas, playgrounds and more.

Interior landscaping

Interior flower and winter gardens...

Stadiums, golf, equestrian facilities .....

Complete construction of all types of sports turf - football stadiums, golf courses and more.


Natural origin of geotextiles allows the creation of normal living environment of plants.

Design - (for landscaping)

All landscape architects who work in TOTEX are licensed.


Turfgrass is a unique product that can not be subject to import and export, and must be brought into place.