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Compactors-Portakrush 2000HD Twin

It has excellent rampenetration with its twin cylinder design.

Compactors-Portakrush 1000 Twin

The Portakrush 1000 is one of the most popular portable compactors in thePortakrush range.

Compactors-Powerkrush 95

The Powerkrush 95 is the largest static compactor in our range.

Compactors-Powerkrush 90

Heavy duty hoppers can be designed to suit individual loading applications. It is used in conjunction with a 40 cubic yard...

Compactors-Powerkrush 85

The Powerkrush 85 is an extremely powerful compactor designed for heavy industrial use.

Compactors-Powerkrush 75

The Powerkrush 75 is a medium sized static compactor designed for general waste mainly loaded by hand or via wheeled bin.

Compactors-Powerkrush 50

The Powerkrush 50 is the smallest standard static compactor in our range designed to fulfil the requirements of light industry.....


The P85XL is one of the largest static compactors in the range andhas a massive charge area and......

Balers - Extractpack

Vertical: The first baler of its kind to combine baling and draining out of date beverage containers in one step.

Balers - Extractpack

Horizontal: The Extractpack performs over 7 times faster than draining manually.

Balers - Briquetter

Briquetting press with integrated shredding unit for the compaction of dry EPS. Produces bales up to 700kg per cubic metre.

Balers - Powerkube XL

The Powerkube XL baler is the largest baler in the range, with an overall length of 6720mm.

Balers - Powerkube Plus

Semi automatic horizontal baling presses;This baler has an aperture size of 1200 mm long x 1440 mm wide

Balers - Powerkube

Horizontal: the smallest in our range of semi automatic horizontal baling presses with a feed aperture of 1000mm long x 1440mm wide.

Balers - VB56 Vertical Balers

The VB56 and VB56 mini baling system can reduce waste volumes by up to 90%

Balers-S60XDRC Automatic

The S60XDRC Automatic Baling System from Pakawaste offers a unique combination of power and flexibility.......

Balers - VB200D Twin Chamber

Vertical: 150 - 250 kg bales; Saves handling time with multiple chambers: free to load while other chamber compacts

Balers - VB60D Twin Chamber

Vertical: 50 - 100 kg bales

CQS - certificate

CQS (Certifed Quality Systems)-ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO27001 assessment and certification.

Gold Standard "eurofins" - Certificate

We offer an unparalleled range of testing services and environmental and consumer industries,.........

Wi-fi Shield

Quartz device Wi-fiShield....


Quartz device PhoneShield .....

Balers - HPH40

a semi automatic horizontal baler

Balers - MX600 Three Phase

This large high density baling press with 30 tonnes of pressure reduces waste by up to 90%..