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Made a number of different eco-labels are still heavily a few years for consumers to keep track. So in 2001 the state organic seal has been launched. Organic products are due to the Bio-Siegel today to see at a glance. With the organic seal, products and foods to be labeled, which were produced according to EU legislation on organic farming and controlled. This EU-wide legislation guaranteeing uniform standards for organic farming. The organic label stands for organic production and animal welfare.

More information on organic farming, see the section on consumer link organic farming - what does that mean?

More and more people are aware about products of organic farming, because they have opted for high quality products and the protection of animals and the environment. The organic seal facilitates the selection and purchasing, farmers, processors and commercial benefit from the Bio-Siegel. And without much effort: The use of Bio-Seal can be displayed free of charge and without much bureaucracy.
Thus, the law

Legal basis for the Bio-Seal is the Eco-Labelling Act. It refers to the requirements of EU legislation on organic farming and looks at abuse of the Bio-Siegel fines and imprisonment up to one year ago. Details relating to the design and use of the Bio-Seal is regulated in the Eco-Labelling Ordinance.
These are the conditions

The organic seal may be used if the requirements of EU legislation for organic farming are met. They stipulate, among other things:

     * Ingredients of agricultural origin must originate at least 95 percent organically grown.
     * Only producers and processing and import companies that meet the requirements of the legislation for organic farming requirements and undergo the required checks, are entitled to sell their products under the labels "organic" or "eco".

Precise controls:

     * Organic farms in Germany are reviewed by state-approved private inspection bodies. The checkpoints will be supervised by the competent national authorities.
     * Organic farms keep records of all equipment and products so book. Example, you must understand exactly what they have bought from whom and to whom sold. This allows the bio-products traced to the producer.
     * An important legal basis for inspections is the Organic Farming Act. Are detected in the controls violations, they must be reported by the inspection bodies to competent national authorities. In organic agriculture law and the granting and withdrawal of approval for the private bodies are anchored.
     * In addition to "bio-control" subject of course, the organic feed and food law inspections prescribed in Germany.


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