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Founded in 1862 in Rüsselsheim, Opel is one of the most technologically advanced automobile manufacturers in Europe. We have a long and rich history. Our company is shaped by our passion for cars. Together with Vauxhall, our sister brand in the U.K., we sell vehicles in over 40 countries. We operate 11 vehicle, powertrain and component plants in 6 countries and employ around 40,000 people.

We not only build cars, we live for cars. Outstanding design, innovative technology and environmental friendliness are the hallmarks of our vehicles. One of our most exciting plans for 2011 is the launch of the Opel Ampera, the first extended-range electric vehicle.

In 2010, we sold over 1.1 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Europe, achieving a market share of 6.2 percent. In our homemarket in Germany, Opel achieved the number three position with a market share of 7.6 percent.

Opel is committed to energy diversity

Opel continues to focus on environmentally compatible vehicles. The company sees further potential in the existing technologies for improvements in the CO2 balance sheet and in the fuel consumption, and is working intensively on more efficient gasoline and diesel engines. In addition to this, over the next five years Opel will invest around one billion euros in the development of alternative engine technologies.

Apart from the Ampera, which will be the first extended-range electric vehicle to come to market in Europe, other electric vehicles are under development. Pure battery-operated cars which are ideal for shorter distances as well as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like the HydroGen4 are being researched. Opel calls its diverse electric vehicle strategy “e-mobility unlimited”.

Opel Ampera: Electric car with extended range

The next milestone on the way to sustainable mobility is the Opel Ampera. With the market introduction of the Ampera by the end of 2011, Opel will found a new segment in the European automotive market. The company thus underlines its role as a trendsetter for progressive mobility solutions. With its unique electrical drive system which combines excellent performance with all the advantages of a highly innovative battery drive, the five-door Ampera is the ideal vehicle for everyday use and long-distance travel for four persons and their luggage.

The Opel Ampera is the first nearly emission-free electrically driven car on the European market which does not require any changes in accustomed driving habits. There is no need to worry about being stranded with a flat battery thanks to the extended range concept. The battery in the Ampera can be fully charged in less than four hours at a normal domestic 230-Volt socket, thereby underlining the everyday utility of the vehicle and encouraging its use on pure battery power, as studies on mobility behavior have confirmed.


The fourth generation of GM/Opel fuel-cell vehicles, the HydroGen4, is completely emission-free – only steam comes out of its exhaust pipe. Its environmentally friendly mobility is based on the fuel-cell stack consisting of 440 series-connected cells, in which hydrogen reacts with oxygen from the air. No combustion takes place; instead, an electro-chemical reaction produces an electric current. The only by-product is water; no toxic emissions are produced.

The prototypes are already proving their everyday suitability in a pilot project in Berlin, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport. Since December 2008, ten HydroGen4 vehicles have been in use in the city as part of Opel’s contribution to the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP). As partners to Opel, nine large companies – ADAC, Allianz, Axel Springer AG, Coca Cola, Hilton, Linde, Schindler, Total and Veolia – are testing the vehicles in everyday use.

Opel announced that it will expand the market testing of fuel cell vehicles in Germany. In 2011 the successful tests which have been going on for many years will be extended by a further fleet in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). NRW joined the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) at the end of 2010.


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