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SONETT is among the pioneers in the production of ecological detergents from 1977 onwards. Today SONETT products can be found in almost all European countries. The company headquarters is located in Degenhauz near Lake Boden. Nearly 90% of products sold in SONETT organic stores. SONETT work for forty employees and the company is constantly growing.

Understanding SONETT production and quality is based on the anthroposophical spiritual science:

* Dynamical supplements:

To podpomognat naturalizing wastewater SONETT added to laundry detergents and in ritmizirani oloid substances and preparations for production use water, swirled in 12 glass egg chambers.
* Selection of raw materials used:

All materials used are completely biodegradable and do not contain ingredients that cause allergies. This means that they contain enzymes, petrochemicals povarnostnoaktivni substances, flavorings, colorings, preservatives, bleach, etc.
* Raw materials from controlled biodynamic and organic crops:

In products using olive, canola, coconut and palm oil derived from 100% certified organic crops. Approximately 90% of essential oils have the same quality.
* Sources of energy:

Half of the electricity that comes from using SONETT small hydroelectric plant, located near the company and the other half comes from GREENPEACE ENERGY. Together with another company using a common heating system with biofuel.

Certified environmental quality:

The entire product range is certified SONETT ECOGARANTIE, sign first-class quality of environmental detergents.
ECOCONTOROL sign a guarantee that their own quality criteria are checked regularly and prove an independent controller.


country: Germany
city: Degenhauz




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1.) production of detergents:

- Laundry
- Vessel
- For smooth surfaces
- Hand