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The history of Trifolio-M GmbH dated founding in 1985. It starts with an idea .... now 20 employees in research, production and management are employed.

EFFECTIVE BIOLOGICAL plant protection.

The focus of Trifolio-M GmbH is the development of clean production processes and plant components. They are considered in particular as regards their use as a botanical pesticide, known as plants. In the center of this work is in the Indian Nim tree (Azadirachta indicators). It contains many ingredients used in plant protection, but also in medicine. In Trifolio-M GmbH is one of the winners in Hesse special award for innovation in 1997 and received the first German company to be approved by the BBA for the Neem tree derived from pesticides.

Together with his wife Jenny, a specialist teaching social studies based chemist Dr Hubertus Kleeberg 1985, the company Trifolio-M GmbH, Lahnau in central Hesse. In the foreground from the beginning to extract plant substances, such as green chlorophyll leaves. Soon the range of products expanded to include natural substances found in biological plant protection use. As an example, the isolation and distribution of insect pheromones can be noted that integrated in pheromone traps, trap specific insect pests.

For the development of various products has Trifolio-M GmbH preparation and analytical GLP-certified laboratories, and how to extract plant substances in pilot plant and the implementation of efficacy studies in the laboratory and field. The company employs 10 staff. Since the company not only trade, but in particular also has dedicated research and development that is in close contact with many scientific research institutes and companies at home and abroad. Some of these collaborations have been funded by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology, German Federal Foundation for Environment and the European Union. He also organized Trifolio-M GmbH since 1992 seminar on "Practice oriented results on use and production of Nim-Ingredients and Pheromones." While new developments in the field of biological control are presented and discussed. So far, over 500 scientists from some 35 countries have participated in seminars that have become established as an international forum for the development of alternatives for plant protection.

The use of Nim-tree (Azadirachta indicators) as starting material for isolation bioinsecticides Trifolio-M GmbH came through cooperation with the University of Giessen in 1988. Taught there until 1997 Professor Heinrich Schmutterer, "European" discoverer of the properties of the Nim tree. In tropical tree Nim is a native of Myanmar and India and has been used for 4,500 years as a medical and pesticides. Until the early work of Professor Schmutterer in 60 years also in Europe and America increased interest in this "miracle tree". Since 1988, so Trifolio M GmbH also deals with the extraction and characterization of the active ingredients of Nim tree. Meanwhile, two extraction methods patented in many countries and there are several different set of Nim-based products. In addition to the pure and Neemsalbe Neemshampoo Neeminhaltsstoffen company sells pesticides called NeemAzal-T / S. NeemAzal-T / S was founded in October of this year, approved by the Federal Biological Research Centre in Braunschweig as pesticides.

  In his work, see the M-GmbH Trifolio a big responsibility. Thus, not only producing high quality products for Nim-biological control is paramount. At the same time work is beneficial in favor of countries where the Neem tree grows. For too long the tree Nim became the subject of commercial interests. Multinational corporations are looking tree that grows primarily in developing countries to benefit. Proizvoditelhite countries in manufacturing, research and marketing experience. In Trifolio-M GmbH has set itself the ambitious goal to attract mainly the main producing countries in value added. For several years the company worked with the Indian company, EID LTD. together. The isolation of the active ingredient is made exclusively in India. In 1993 a pilot plant for processing one tonne of Neem seeds per day was built. This year began a large-scale plant with a capacity of 20 tons per day of production. However, Hesse The company supplies the European market with high pure biomaterials applications and various finished products for environmental protection.


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