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New life for pineapple by planting.


Many do not know that a pineapple can get a plant that will hopefully give us more pineapples. The purpose of this article is to explain the process. Ideally do with pineapples that are less mature, although these can also try.

Steps to plant a pineapple.

Is sliced ​​with a knife the top, as seen in the photo, including a couple of inches from the top of the fruit.

We clean the base and we cleaned the dried leaves.



We put it in a glass of water, leaving the base of the pineapple into the water. Change the water if you see ugly or just add more if you lack.



The place it in a place where you light.

One month later, approximately, and will have begun to take root.


It is planted in a substrate with average moisture, 4 parts peat and one of humus , and left in the shade. If it's winter and cold will have to think in a sheltered place or even in an interior with light. When the warm weather arrives again left outside of time without sun but bright. When it starts to grow slowly may be placed in the sun.