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The refrigerator without power "Mitticool"






This Indian craftsman, has managed to design a fridge that runs without electricity. You can store fresh fruits and vegetables up to 3 days.



Miticool is ideal for developing and poor areas, in addition to price, significantly lower than a normal refrigerator, remember that access to electricity consistently and continuously is a luxury that not everyone in many countries can enjoy. The neediest dream of having a fridge at home but do not have the money to buy, and although they did, they could not afford electricity.
It is made with clay and operates on the principle of evaporation. The water in the upper chamber and drips down the sides as it evaporates absorbs heat from within the temperature lowering.



A prototype of doing a talk time Oltu, awarded by the Spanish jury as the winner of the James Dyson Award 2013, shares some similarities with this Indian ingenuity.
Because they are so important inventions as Mitticool.

The importance of these inventions is its ability to work without electricity consumption and also, have a lot more respectful process manufacturing and materials to the environment than conventional.



To give you an idea, the refrigerator is the appliance by far consumes more electricity. By having a continuous use, it disconnects very rarely throughout its life, has a very high consumption, although its power is not very large: around 200 W, compared with a hair dryer that can reach powers 2,000 W.

Almost 19% of the electricity consumed in Spanish households is spent on cooling and freezing food.

The major cause of loss of cold air in a refrigerator is due to insulation. Thus, the most efficient classes have better insulation.

Unlike other appliances fridge benefits depend very much on the conditions where it is located. It is best to allow ventilation of the back and this away from heat sources or direct sunlight.

The only downside is that this cooling process by water evaporation only works in hot, dry climates.