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The gentle cleansing hair and body wash is designed to prevent dryness by not stripping the natural oils from baby’s skin.

Certified Organic 91% and 100% Naturally Derived

  • Description: Sanctum's Baby Shampoo & Wash, formally two separate products, has now been reformulated as a 2 in 1 baby product. The simplified light foaming gel is infused with lavender and Sweet Marjoram Leaf Oil to help calm the baby and also soothe the scalp.
  • Ideal for: All babies on a daily basis.
  • How does it work?: A small amount lathered into baby’s skin and hair while bathing removes any impurities while calming and soothing the skin.
  • How to use: Daily. Work a small amount into a lather and gently wash baby’s skin and hair. Rinse well and gently pat dry. Avoid contact with eyes.


Aloe Vera Juice*
Hydrates and soothes delicate skin.
Olive Leaf Extract*

Aids in binding the ingredients. Nourishes and softens the hair and skin.
Lavender Oil*

Soothes the skin, has antibacterial properties with a calming aroma
Lemon Peel Oil*

Refreshes the hair while providing antibacterial properties.

Additional Information

  • manufacturer:  "Sanctum"   / Australia /    price: AU $ 9,95 / 150g.


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