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Ceramic Japanese tea bowl

100% Ceramic (clay, sand and water)
The containers are made entirely from natural materials and water, a special technology Ceradon ®, ensuring you maintain the taste and strength.

Usage: Ceramic vessels Emile Henry are useful and economical, but also please the eye with its nice design in different colors that can match the colors in your kitchen or dining room. The design follows two main lines - traditional and modern, as you can choose the style that suits your home.
Their ability to retain heat and aroma of food makes them very practical for your kitchen.
Convenient and easy to wash and dishwasher.
Can be used in microwave and freezer to store food.

Packing: 180 gr

Dimensions: 11 cm

Price: about (11.00 BGN)

Additional Information


The product can be purchased at the following stores:

-  "Healthy life" - Sofia 1407, residential group "South Park", bl. 27 (to the restaurant Happy, former SOUTH PARK) -
crossroad of James Boucher and Bogatitsa street)

- - ( online )
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