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LINDEN - Levina

-LINDEN- Levina

2,0 seaters stool.


  • Full size: 120cm./80cm./70cm.
  • Seating size: 120cm./80cm./45cm.- 2,0 seater stool.
  • Wheels: Levina (4pcs.) with brakes.s
  • Textile: 2 types -DEKOMA- soft & eco certified.
  • Wood stain: CFT 00262 - MILESI.


  • Furniture pallets that Pallet Design produces meet the quality and style. All materials used to create them are certified and meet all European requirements.
  • The Pallets are upcycled, not treated with harmful paints and chemicals. They have prints responsible for their safety and place of manufacture.

The name of each furniture come from diferent Trees in the World!!!


There are more than 30 types of Linden trees in the Tilia species. The trees grow primarily in North America, Europe and parts of Asia. The most popular are:

  • American Linden: Better known in the United States as Basswood, the American Linden grows well from New England to Florida, and west to Oklahoma. It prefers rich, moist, alkaline soil. During the summer months, clusters of pleasant-smelling flowers blossom on the branches of the Linden attracting hundreds of bees who suck the nectar and create white honey from it.
  • European Linden: Known in Britain as Lime trees, the European Linden prosper in full sunlight. However, the sun exposure does not speed up the growing process. European Lindens are similar to their American counterparts in that they take years to yield a shady leaf canopy. One of the main differences between the European and American Linden is leaf size. The former has smaller leaves than the latter which can grow up to eight inches in length and five inches in width.

In addition to attracting bees, Lindens are very popular with cabinet makers who cherish their straight grain. The wood is also treasured by cravers, who find the pliable bark ideal for making musical instruments, such as guitars and flutes.

Linden Tea

Some of the most popular uses for the tree include:

  • Perfume
  • Medicine used to treat headaches, colds, cough and fever
  • Flavoring for tea and oils
  • Additives to hot baths to relieve stomach ailments

Centuries ago, the leaves of the Linden tree were eaten raw to promote sweating and reduce fevers. In addition, in some parts of the world, Linden bark is burned and the ashes are ingested to treat intestinal ailments or applied topically to treat ulcers or edema.

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