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Round ceramic pot

100% Ceramic
Specially developed technology for production of pottery made of natural materials, increases strength and durability of products. The new technology Ceradon ® with enamel coating of ground glass and natural paints, mixed with water only make unique containers.

Usage: The ceramic pot can be used in any kind of plates (plain and clay ovens), as well as gas. Can be used in the freezer, without risk of cracking under sudden change of temperature. Preparing food is faster because of the high heat and ability to retain heat. To retain flavor and aromatic qualities of food.}

Recommendations for use of "Flame" pottery:
- The first use good container to be cleaned as follows: Pour a little milk or soy milk, enough to cover the bottom of the container. Let it boil, then cool and clean it well.
- Cracks in the special enamel coating on the Court when cooking and heating container, the coating extends the temperature, forming cracks that are proof of its resilience to high temperatures and long life. It is slow to heat and possibly the surface of the heat is greater than the court.
- Emile Henry products are very easy to clean, leave the container immersed in water and wash after 10 minutes. Can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
- Lightweight and comfortable to grip and handling in the kitchen. They are about 30% lighter than other containers made of different metals.

Packing: 1800 gr

Dimensions: 16x16x11 cm Capacity: 1L.

Price: about (130.00 BGN)

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The product can be purchased at the following stores:

-  "Healthy life" - Sofia 1407, residential group "South Park", bl. 27 (to the restaurant Happy, former SOUTH PARK) -
crossroad of James Boucher and Bogatitsa street)

- - ( online )
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