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  • Full size: 120cm./80cm./25cm.
  • Wheels: Levina "TENTE"
  • Wood stain: MILESI

Furniture pallets that Pallet Design produces meet the quality and style. All materials used to create them are certified and meet all European requirements.

The Pallets are upcycled, not treated with harmful paints and chemicals. They have prints responsible for their safety and place of manufacture.

The name of each furniture come from diferent Trees in the World!!!


The name Sabre (or Saber) is the English vernacular name given to the south American name for these types of trees. Botanists named these trees with the genus name of Ceiba, also pronounced the same way "SAY-buh" as the native south American name for these types of trees.

The Ceiba genus has many species of large trees found in tropical areas, including South America, Central America, Caribbean, Bahamas, Belize, Southeast Asia and West Africa. Some species (especially the well-known Kapok, Ceiba pentandra) can grow to 70 m (230 ft) tall or more. The Kapok tree (or Sabre tree) is well know for its huge spreading canopy extent and height, enormous buttress roots, and a straight tall trunk that tends to not branch out until above the heights of other surrounding trees.


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  • International Distributors: "SIGN IN"


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