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Vegetal Herbal Gulal

Play Safe Holi - Non Toxic Skin Friendly
Only 100% natural dyes used.

The pack contain 4 pouches of Vegetal Herbal Gulal (Different shades) (100 g.) + 1 Vegetal Nourisher (30g.) worth Rs. 58/- absolutely free.

You have been using best shampoo, best conditioner and taking best care of your hair. But have you wondered why you still have problem of falling of hair, dull hair and loss of pigment! Because they all contain chemicals that may gie you timely repair but will not act as dietary supplements to your hair that will give long lasting effects.

Vegetal Hair food is 100% natural formulation, a dietary supplements. It contain rich heritage of ayurveda in the form of rare herbs like jatamansi & Bhangra which control hair fall & increase hair growth. Bhangra also correct your original hair pigment to give you long lasting shiny hair with regular use.


  • Available Colour Shades : Pink, Green , Yellow.
  • Quantity: 25 Gms

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  • trademark:  "Vegetal"

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