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Men`s & Women`s 2 pair White/Black Socks; Made from Repreve® recycled fiber.....

Hat - Beanie

Made from 6 recycled water bottles

Hat - Bomber beanie

Fud Bomber Beanie; Made from 7 recycled water bottles...


Made from Repreve® recycled fiber, this gaiter contains 6 recycled plastic bottles.

T-shirt Men`s snowboard

Made from Repreve® recycled fiber, this tee contains 2 recycled plastic bottles

T-shirt Elena tee

Made from Repreve® recycled fiber, this tee contains 2 recycled plastic bottles.

T-shirt Nature tee

Made from 2 recycled water bottles; 2014 Women's Repreve Nature Tee...

Silk scarves

Produced by a tiny village of silk producers and weavers in north-east Thailand...

Bamboo Clothespins

Use Nature to line dry your clothes.

Dye - Lac

Natural Dye: Red & violet dyestuff for Textiles.

Dye - Madder

Natural Dye: Red, Pink and Orange dyestuff for Textiles.

Dye - Pomegranate

Natural Dye: Yellow dyestuff for Textiles

Dye - shades

Shades of Natural Dyes- more than 500

Dye - carpet

Antique look on new carpet.. 100% Natural and Environmental friendly. All ingredients used are biodegradable.

Dye - Catechu

it gives light brown to good brown with acceptable fastness rating.

Dye -Mayrabolan

This is used as greenish yellow dyestuff for textile....

Dye - Kamala

It imparts beautiful color on wool and silk...

Dye - Himalayan Rubrub

It dyes wool in range of color mainly in yellow .....

Dye - Natural Indigo

For "Denim"...extracted from plant Indigofera tinctoria, powder form of Natural Indigo,

Forever Porthole Swimdress

Seductive yet subtle, this planet friendly Porthole Swimdress plays.....

Porthole Halterkini Top

This stunning little sailorette style Porthole Halterkini Top will stop sailors in their tracks and make waves with anyone in view.

Ruffle Hipster Bottom

A little bit of ruffle goes a long, sexy, slimming way to glam it up in the sand.

Shirred Tankini Top

Make mother earth jealous....

Banded Hipster Bottom

Made from recycled materials like plastic bottles and fishing nets...