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ABOUT US is the international "Wholesale-Broker" for green companies, green products and environmental services.

The rapid pace of technological development worldwide impact seriously on environment. Climate change caused by human behavior and his incompetence for the consequences on nature.

The popularity of the Global Internet gets rise and people used the global network for talking, messaging, entertainment, getting information and shopping. implement its activities in a wholesale, marketing and advertising. is the broker for wholesales of all eco-businesses, eco-products and eco-survices. This Internet portal aims to become a global name, where people can find everything related to environmental way of living. With clicking the button at the is changed and improved the footprint of humans upon the environment.
That's how people will find eco-manufacturing companies from each country, they will be able to obtain information about purchasing green products.

ECO-foryou Ltd. is the Broker between green companies and customers, connecting the best manufacturers to the best customers. is responsible for the presentation of environmentally certified companies to consumers and contacts between them. For all other business relationships responsibility both related parties.

Benefits for people in these eco products and survices are for a Green world.