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CLICKS EXPORT is a family run business in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – India, which is an initiative by Mrs Mythilivinoth who started this business as a small cottage industry which has grown in to a massive eco friendly Areca plate manufacturing industry today with in a short span of 3 years time.

Today CLICKS EXPORT is one of the pioneers in the filed of Eco-Friendly Areca plate manufacturing in the country, satisfying clients all over the country and also exporting it to countries like United States of America, Australia and many other European Nationals who are seeking the concept of Go-Green, with a state of the art GREEN Production facility!

CLICKS EXPORT has the latest technology and impressive men power to produce a massive capacity of 1,50,000 plates per month in different styles and sizes.

Mrs Mythilivinoth - CEO s business and social module is to keep the planet green with the help of cost effective natural products, which we use in day-to-day life.

The manufacturing process at CLICKS EXPORT is
100% Earth Friendly- The Factory use only the fallen sheaths  from the Areca farms and always follows the Go-Green concept.

Trendy - The factory is quipped with latest machineries to achieve the desired size, shape and design in a very quick time with high hygiene measures in place.

Green Production Process - The manufacturing process of all the products at CLICKS EXPORT are Eco-Friendly by using only natural elements.

About Areca

Areca Plates are natural and high quality disposable plates made from fallen dried leaves of Areca palm tree.
The palets are perfect alternate to plastic / polymer based products and also paper based products whichbthe entire world is concerned about

The Areca Palm tree (Dypsis lutescens) is seen commonly in the tropical/subtropical regions around the world. It is also known as Butterfly palm or Golden Cane Palm, which is the most widely cultivated nursery palm tree, owing to its low maintenance and fast thriving quality. Areca is also known as an ornamental tree, which is known for the procurement of Areca nuts used for chewing and also a by-product of paan products.

The Areca Leaf, a waste product of the Areca palm is 100% biodegradable and it de-composes in soil within 70 – 80 days. It was traditionally used by the people in India to pack food while travelling before the plastic and other disposable materials come in the existence. Now with Green and Cost effective measures raising the Areca Leaf s demand has raised, which acts an alternate to disposable plastic/ paper dinnerware.

The safety of the food contact material has been verified in several studies conducted by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) and the recommendation is that in use with moist food the plate would serve only once.


country: India
state: Tamil Nadu

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