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Production of organic cotton to be certified by a third party (organization). Since the processing of organic cotton production differs from conventional, it must be regularly monitored from production to distribution. Organisations from third countries shall ensure that producers do the right procedures, and organic using only materials allowed for organic production. There are several number of certification bodies, and before that every country has its own standards and certification organization.

Safety provisions and machinery must be in accordance with international ISO standards. In the production of organic cotton is not used, no organic halogens, azo dyes, chlorine and bleach, formaldehyde and are not allowed and integrated treatment of stantsiya.Saotvetstvie "Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work" and "labor standards" ILO and free choice of employment and the right to refuse freedom to form associations and unions, prohibition of child and forced trud.V production of organic cotton workers work only with official employment dogovori.Proizvodstvoto is controlled by independent and unannounced inspections, have access all production areas. - Workers on Organic Textiles (cotton) are able to signal to the certifying agencies, through pre-printed forms without knowledge of their supervisors.



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