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Marcigny town, where the factory is located in the hills of southern Burgundy. It is home to Emile Henry for the past 150 years since there. Burgundy is one of the most fertile ground for this type of product. Due to the high clay content and high density soil this craft has remained in the area and continues to be passed from generation to generation. The area is known for their good wine and culinary specialties, but it will leave for another topic ...

Clay - a natural and noble material, used for centuries for cooking and storing food. But Emile Henry specialists have improved the quality of vessels they have not developed a very complex but very effective technique (called Ceradon ®) to enhance strength and durability of products.

Technology is the following - clay mixed with fine particles of sand and water at a certain ratio to a special formula designed specifically by Emile Henry. The prepared clay is poured into a special casting mold, which makes it the court - an oval pot, rectangular tray, pan or deep dish ... plain has already been formed in this way each vessel fired at low temperature (50 degrees) for about 6 hours.

Finally comes the enamel coating. "Glaze" the vessels are also made of natural materials: ground glass and natural dyes, mixed only with water.

The final step is firing the vessels at high temperatures of around 1150 degrees. Over 4 hours of coverage melts and becomes very hard and extremely smooth glass. After his release from the oven each vessel is checked thoroughly for defects.

Experts have found evidence of harmful effects of metals on food, and later on the human body. Teflon pans are toxic, but traditional dishes are made from heavy metals that seep into our food. All this seriously affects our health. In addition, various toxic substances that fall into the dish, cooking in metal and is harmful because of the high temperature is reached in his heat. The more high-temperature cooking, the greater danger lies in this process and the more metal compounds within the food. According to recent research Teflon, aluminum and stainless steel are the main culprits for intoxication, Alzheimer's disease and various cancers.


country: France
city: Marcigny


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- pottery of (clay).