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Certificates of agriculture, food and tourism.
Mediterranean Institute for Certification (IMC) is a private company that is publicly permits and international accreditation of certification development. IMC began in 1995 in Senigallia, Marche region in Italy, where the main offices. During those years, as a result of developing partnerships focused on the Mediterranean region.
Today, IMS provides specialized certification services to companies who work in agriculture, food and tourism. IMC services provide experience and efficiency to ensure local needs because of the specialized offices.

A Euro-Mediterranean network for companies

Awareness and Prevention
The widespread availability of IMC offices in the Mediterranean region is an operational network of information for companies that want to be informed and updated laws and regulations for the quality of local and international level. This service is useful in preventing the loss of quality products to ensure compliance of their markets.

IMC Mission

Certificates business services
The Mediterranean region is one of the richest quality and traditional agro food property in the world. IMC mission is to share its experience obtained in the agro food production guaranteed Mediterranean sector and restoration, and tourism, helping to improve the Mediterranean companies and their success in national and international markets.


country: Italy
city: Senigallia



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