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Company Pernambuco development, production and marketing of products and execution of scenery with universal design that values ​​manual labor, combined with processes of reduction of environmental impacts and preserving natural resources. In times of Creative Economy, focusing on simplicity, betting on human energy, reusing discarded materials and creating new production techniques combined existing technologies applied in innovative ways, LIXIKI has been building a new market with the raw material of the future.

It has a contemporary and innovative portfolio, with a line for all public utility, which includes accessories, nécessaires, scholarships, and develop customized products to suit the corporate client.

The scenery executed by LIXIKI, directed both urban spaces, and private, and reuse of materials, often the customer's own disposal, promote income generation for people involved in the production process designed to fulfill these projects.


The involvement of communities in making props and scenery of products is one of the pillars of social enterprise, since it is designed with the hiring of manpower, ensure the sustainability of productive groups. In 2011 LIXIKI installed in the neighborhood of Arruda, Political-Administrative Region 2, RPA2, the city of Recife-PE, a workshop with over 500 square meters to meet market demands.

country: Brazil
city: Recife



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Company offers:
-eco production,
-execution of scenography,
-handcraft work,
-reduce environmental impact...