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Today, space is so precious and deficit that we can enjoy every inch you have. But design alone can reveal its potential in the visual and practical aspects. The transformation of an ordinary yard into a garden paradise is long and complicated process, which are much needed expertise, equipment and experience.

Our company has everything it offers landscaping, irrigation systems and maintenance of gardens and public green spaces and interior spaces.

In our work we aim to fully exploit natural resources to correct deficiencies and to fully utilize the advantages of a particular place.

Completed our sites acquire their own image, and the gardens are characterized by beauty, comfort and style.

To receive a price quote our specialist is necessary to examine the site and the specific needs and desires of the client.
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country: Bulgaria
city: Sofia



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     * Landscape design
     * Landscaping - construction of parks, gardens, lawns
     * Maintenance of parks, gardens, lawns
     * Construction and maintenance of automated irrigation systems
     * Offers products for automated irrigation systems of leading U.S. companies, "Hunter" and "Rain bird"
     * Offers products for water pumping systems and effects of German companies "Oase" and "Wilo".