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Rebound Ace constructs and resurfaces outdoor tennis, basketball and multipurpose courts containing Nike Grind across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. All Rebound Ace courts are designed for maximum durability, extended product life, reduced use of raw materials and lower maintenance costs.

Rebound Ace manufactures outdoor high-quality, high-performance sports surfaces using Nike Grind foam – the recycled material from the midsoles of athletic shoes. This foam underlayment is used to cushion these long-lasting, synthetic surfaces.

Each of these surfaces is designed for maximum durability, extended product life, reduced use of raw materials and lower maintenance costs. Rebound Ace high-performance court surfaces provide unmatched cushioning properties to reduce stress and fatigue of players. 

Rebound Ace surfaces combine environmental sensitivity with a variety of benefits:

  • Contains up to 90 percent recycled rubber
  • Durable design maintains its resilience, even with age and heavy play
  • All-weather surface provides sure-footed comfort and sound grid for any season
  • Available in multiple non-glare, UV-stable colors
  • 5-year warranty on all installs

Known around the world for quality, long-lasting products, Rebound Ace outdoor surfaces made with Nike Grind can add a professional – and environmentally perferred – edge to your surfacing project.

The Rebound Ace Sports acrylic surface systems provide the perfect combination of consistent bounce, sure footing, and market leading durability through a comprehensive range suitable to many different sports.

The range of products suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, covering a wide variety of uses and sports marks Rebound Ace a leader within the industry. Rebound Ace systems incorporate various technologies and options that provide for the perfect solution for many sports.

The Rebound Ace patented technology incorporating high density/high shock absorption rubber cushion mat combined with multi layered acrylic surfacing has been a leader in Tennis and Netball applications for the past two decades. The similar technology of multi layered liquid rubber is also a proven product with shock-absorbing properties of SBR and EPDM rubber granule cushioning.

Dynamically responding to body impact the surfaces reduce fatigue on player's legs, ankles and feet, reduces injuries whilst providing increased player confidence to produce the best performances possible. It has been stated by a leading New Zealand Netball administrator that the Rebound Ace cushioned courts have kept players playing 10 years beyond what would be possible on a hard court.



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"Rebound Ace" with Nike Grind



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Company offers:

- outdoor tennis,
- outdoor basketball,
- multipurpose courts.

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  • Nike Grind Foam