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Bacillus Turingienzis - (insecticide)

Biological activity:

Bacterial insecticides preparations are mainly with gastrointestinal activity. Used for the treatment of plants attacked by enemies. Their effect occurs after ingestion of food in the initial stop feeding and after several hours to several days for the population died about 20 days. Destruction due to the growing body of insects in septicemia.


Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki. It is used mainly against caterpillars of the apple moth, American white moth zlatozadka, prastenotvorka, leaf-rollers, pedomerki, white cabbage butterflies, butterfly willow, etc. protsesionka. at a concentration of 0.1% at 100 g per hectare. Against gypsy moth is used at a concentration of 0.2% at 200 g, but against the grape moth, valnarki, great winter pedomerka -0.15% + 0.01% Gardone. No act of noshtenki. Can be mixed with other pesticides, but after suspension. Store in original packaging within 2-3 years. Treatments are carried out at temperatures above 16 C.
Bacterial agents are applied when enemies are up first - the third age. Treatments if need be repeated no sooner than 7-8 days.
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