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The Drumkrush is designed to reduce the volume of all types of steel and aluminium drums up to 45 gallon capacity. The machine is robustly constructed and all sides are fully enclosed to meet health and safety standards. The compaction head, which runs on heavy duty roller guides, is fitted with strategically placed spikes which, when the machine is activated, puncture the drum to allow all excess air to be expelled safely during the crushing cycle. The compaction head exerts in excess of 18 tonnes of force on to the drum, which reduces its volume by an impressive 7:1, thus maximising savings on scrap transportation. Residue liquids are automatically drained into the stainless steel catchment tray which can be emptied manually or through a pumping system.




  • Easily and safely operated by one person
  • Reduction in waste removal costs
  • Minimal floor space required
  • Allows valuable storage space to be used more effectively
  • Quick and simple to install either inside or outside
  • Single or three phase versions available
  • Capable of crushing all sizes of drums up to 45 gallon capacity
  • Catchment tray for liquids
  • Safe, rapid and quiet reduction of drum

Cycle time : 50 seconds
Motor rating : 7.5 kw


Compaction chamber height- 1020 mm (40.15 in)
Compaction chamber depth- 695 mm (27.45 in)
Compaction chamber width- 800 mm (31.5 in)
Compactor head depth- 680 mm (26.75 in)
Compactor head width- 710 mm (28 in)
Liquid catchment tray depth- 680 mm (26.75 in)
Liquid catchment tray width- 690 mm (27.15 in)
Motor 3 phase- 7.5 kw (10 hp)
Cycle time- 50 secs
Hydraulic cylinder bore- 127 mm (5 inch)
Hydraulic cylinder rod- 76.2 mm (3 in)
Hydraulic cylinder stroke- 890 mm (35 in)
Distance from ground to lower plate- 350 mm (13.75 in)
Total weight of machine- 900 kg (1984 lbs)
Total height- 2600 mm (102 in)


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