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Luggage Eco Flex

Eco Flex from Ecotex®

The Eco Flex - 3 piece luggage set is made from a total of 185 recycled water bottles. By utilizing discarded materials to create new products Heys offers an Eco-friendly choice for a clean and sustainable future.

The Eco Flex is a durable and lightweight luggage set that utilizes the same Graphite Frame technology used in our premiere Ballisitica-Lite2 series. Its function and durability has been tested extensively. What makes the Eco Flex so strong is its unique Graphite Memory Frame, that flexes under stress and then returns to its original shape. It features a fully lined interior with a detachable compact toiletry bag and a shoe bag. It also has mesh pockets to help organize smaller items. The Eco Flex is also expandable and can expand for up to 25% more space. It has a push-button telescopic handle system and metallic wheels allowing for smooth and easy motion. 

Material: Ecotex - Made From Recycled Water Bottles
Sizes: 29" x 18" x 12" - Made from 80 Recycled Water Bottles.  
25" x 17" x 10" - Made from 65 Recycled Water Bottles.  
20" x 14" x 9" - Made from 40 Recycled Water Bottles.  
Weight: 29" - 5.3 kg ( 11.7 lbs ) 
25" - 4.7 kg ( 10.4 lbs ) 
20" - 3.5 kg ( 7.7 lbs ) 
Frame: New Graphite Memory Frame
Handle: Internal Single Slate Handle System made from lightweight Aluminum
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

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  • manufacturer:  "Heys"  / Canada /    Price:$329.97 

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Made From 100%
Recycled Water Bottles.


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