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The perimeter areas of many football and rugby pitches are dusty, poorly drained and unattractive. They may also be unsafe with trip hazards and abrasive surface materials.

Creating Safety Walkways with Playtop will yield several benefits

  • The resilient wet pour surface is much softer and less abrasive than macadam or unbound mineral surfacing.
  • Players falling on the safety walkway will have the effects of impact attenuated thus lessening the chance of injury.
  • The area will drain freely.

Playtop has been used for safety walkways and pitch surrounds at many prestigious stadiums:


  • Celtic Park, Glasgow (Glasgow Celtic FC), Scotland
  • Ewood Park, Blackburn (Blackburn Rovers FC), England
  • Hampden Park Stadium, Glasgow (Scotland National Team), Scotland
  • Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow (Glasgow Rangers FC), Scotland
  • Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh (Scottish Rugby National Team), Scotland
  • Old Trafford Stadium (Manchester United FC), England
  • St Mary's Stadium, Southampton (Southampton FC), England
  • The Hawthornes, West Bromwich (West Bromwich FC), England
  • Stamford Bridge Stadium, London (Chelsea FC training track), England

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  • Nike Grind Rubber

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