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Powder - with soap nuts

Ecozone Laundry Powder with the added cleaning and softening power of Soap Nuts is ideal for all white and colourfast clothes. Great value 1 kg tub lasts for up to 33 washes!
This new innovative product (the first to use Soap Nuts in a powder) will tackle stains and dirt even on a quick wash. This fragrance-free formula can be used effectively on a cool wash.
Free From GMO’s, optical brighteners, petrochemicals, and chlorine bleach. Soap Nuts are a natural washing detergent that is grown on trees. The Soapnut shells contain Saponins that on contact with water release mild suds. In India soap nuts have been used as a washing detergent for hundreds of years.


Sodium chloride, Sodium carbonate, Sapindus mukorrosi, Sodium carbonate peroxide, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Savinase/Lipolase, Disodiumdistirylbiphenyl disulfonate.

How to use

Pre soak - 1 scoop
Normal load - 1 scoop
Heavy load very soiled - 3 Scoops

In hard water areas an additional Scoop may be required if not using the Magnoball.

Additional Information

  • manufactured:   "Ecozone"   / United Kingdom /

    £4.99 RRP

    1 Kg


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